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Trees & shrubs are an important part of the environment and the communities that we live in. Use the health and safety links below to help avoid future conflicts with your valued plantings.

right_tree_linkUtility Precautions

utility friendly tree icon Planting or pruning trees near utility lines requires careful consideration. Look for the utility friendly icon in search results lists.

right_tree_linkFire Safety

Tree species and location can influence the fire safety of your home. Although all vegetation can burn, research has shown that some resist fire better than others.

right_tree_linkRoot Damage

Tree roots can cause costly damage to structures, hardscapes and underground utilities. Care should be taken to space trees appropriately.

right_tree_linkInvasive Plants

Natural areas are damaged by invasive plants. If you live in or near a natural area, invasive species should not be planted.

right_tree_linkHazardous Trees

Trees with defects in trunks, roots or branches can fail creating the potential for property damage or even personal injury.

right_tree_linkTree Maintenance

Proper planting, watering, feeding and pruning will lengthen a tree's life, maintain it's safety and improve it's aesthetics.

right_tree_linkAllergy & Toxicity

Some plants produce substances or allergenic materials which can harm humans or animals who come in contact with them..

right_tree_linkBiogenic Emissions

An important consideration when large-scale tree plantings occur, especially in areas of poor air quality.

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