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Select trees by name or by characteristics. The characteristics glossary and information can help improve your search.

Search Trees by Name

The name category searches for tree names that contain the phrase entered. You can enter scientific or common names, partial or complete. Choose a tree from the names provided or search the database on a partial name.

Search Trees by Characteristics

It is always best to start with the climate zone for the planting area. USDA Hardiness Zones and Sunset Climate Zones are available in UFEI. Use a Sunset Western Garden Book to determine your Sunset Climate Zone. In addition to the climate zone, select two or three other criteria that are of interest to you. Selecting too many categories could easily rule out all trees. If your initial search brings back too many trees, return to the form and narrow your search with an additional category.

Right Tree Right Place

Future conflicts with trees can be avoided by reviewing the Right Tree Right Place information.

Utility Friendly Tree Trees labeled with this icon are safe for planting near residential power lines. For further information see Utility Precautions.

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Juniperus scopulorum - photo

Juniperus scopulorum

Utility friendly tree. Cultivar 'Rependens' has a weeping form…

Photo by Robert O'Brien