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Rhus integrifolia

Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia Rhus integrifolia

Photo Locations: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Santa Barbara, CA

General Notes

Utility Friendly Tree Utility friendly tree.

A small, often multi-stemmed tree found on dry coastal slopes. Leathery leaves, susceptible to frost. Branches droop but resist breakage.

Has fragrant Flower.

Native to Southwestern California and the Channel Islands.

Trees may be referred to as male or female.

A Rhus integrifolia in Chula Vista is registered as a California Big Tree. It measures 16 feet high, with a trunk circumference of 55 inches and a crown spread of 51 feet.

Family: Anacardiaceae

Additional Common Names


Tree Characteristics

Erect or Spreading with a Low Canopy.

Oval Shape.

Has Evergreen foliage.

Height: 10 - 20 feet.

Width: 5 - 15 feet.

Growth Rate: 12 to 36 Inches per Year.

Leaves Round to Oval, Dark Green, No Change, Evergreen.

Flowers Showy. Fragrant White or Pink. Flowers in Spring or Winter. Has either male or female flowers (dioecious). Trees may be sold as male or female.

Persistent, Red or Maroon Berry, fruiting in Spring or Summer Wildlife use it.

Bark Red to Gray, Scaly or Smooth.

Shading Capacity Rated as Moderate to Moderately Dense in Leaf.

Tree Site Conditions & Constraints

Sunset Zones 8, 9, 14 - 17 and 19 - 24.

USDA Hardiness Zones 9 - 11.

Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade.

Well Drained Soil.

Drought tolerant.

Loam or Sand Texture.

Slightly Acidic to Slightly Alkaline Soil pH.

Seaside Tolerance is Good in South Coast.

Health, Safety & Environmental Concerns

Branch Strength Rated as Medium Strong.

Root Damage Potential Rated as Low.

Desirable Wildlife Plant.

Attracts Bees, Butterflies, and Birds.

Not Deer Palatable.

Wildlife use Fruit.

Special Uses & Values

Good for Erosion Control.

Espalier or Hedged.

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